Friday, November 8, 2013

The Bush Walk

I've made it to the top”!

“I've made it to the top” said Jim. He was proud of himself. Jim was an adventurous kind of person. He was exploring Mount Everest. He was accompanied by his friend named Jack. They were two best friends who had a lot in common.

All of a sudden Jack had a challenge for Jim.“I've got a challenge for you Jim”. Jack exclaimed. “And what is that challenge Jack?” Questioned Jim. “Why don’t we race each other to the bottom of the hill and who ever wins, will be the champion of climbing this huge mountain”. Answered Jack. “Okay that sounds alright. But are you sure your up for this Jack”. Asked Jim. “Because you look tired from climbing up this huge mountain.”  “No i’m alright Jim.” Responded Jack. “I can handle this. I will be fine.”

To their surprise, their race began. Jim was well ahead of Jack. Jack was puffed from climbing that big mountain. Then he stopped.  Jim had won the race. For Jack, he was tired and puffed out behind Jim.

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