Monday, September 16, 2013

Maxine Formal Language

Monday 16th September 2013
When Ginetta was eighteen years old, her parents asked her to drive the neighbour’s three children to the smugglers in the Val d’Intelvi, who would take the children to neutral Switzerland.  The had not seen the children’s Jewish father for awhile.  They didn’t know what had happened to him. On the outside, his wife, Julietta, seemed very calm, very quiet, but Ginetta’s parents could tell Julietta was terrified.

Ginetta’s parents, her Jewish mama, Rosa, and her Catholic papa, Dario, both physicians, loved travel and culture.  They took Ginetta all over Europe and to Africa.  With them she visited museums, theatres, and operas - even the Parthenon in Athens!  At home they read the great classics and talked about how stories of the ancient Greeks and Romans helped them to understand their own lives.

LEARNING INTENTIONS:  We are learning to identify and use adjectives and adverbs.   (Make your own copy)

Adjectives are describing words.    Adjectives describe nouns.  Highlight or change the font colour of  all the adjectives in the story below.  The first adjective has been done  for you.
On Saturday morning I woke up early. It was a  beautiful day.   All
the grey clouds had gone and left a clear, blue sky. The sun was
shining brightly. I decided to surprise Mum by making her
breakfast in bed. I crept quietly down the stairs so she wouldn't
hear me. I poured some cornflakes into a bowl. Mum doesn't like
soggy cornflakes so I put the milk into a little jug. Then I got a big
brown egg from the fridge and put it in a pot to boil. I put a piece
of bread in the toaster. By the time the egg had cooked the toast
was cold but I didn't think Mum would mind. I carried the tray
carefully upstairs.
    "Surprise!" I said, as I walked in the door. Lazy, old Mum was
still asleep but she soon woke up. She said it was the best
breakfast surprise she had ever had but next time she wants
me to wait until eight o'clock before I wake her up.

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