Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Level 4 Cloze Activity

I am learning to add words to a text so it makes sense.

The following piece of writing has words missing.
Read the whole piece of writing first to get an idea of what it is about.
Fill in the gaps so that the piece of writing makes sense.
Write only ONE word in each space.
You can cross out and change answers as you go along.

The largest of all flying creatures is the albatross, which can have a wing span of 3.5 metres.
The bill of this huge seagull is long and powerful.
The albatross's wings (1) is the southern oceans of the ocean (2) where it
may sometimes travel great ways (3). One albatross, found near the Chilean
ocean (4), had a special identification tag fastened on (5) its neck which
had been put on (6) in New Zealand only 12 days earlier. After (7) that
brief time the bird had only  (8) 4800 kilometres, an average of 400 kilometers (9)
daily – an amazing feat of endurance.
Albatross’s (10) are capable of flying at speeds higher  (11) than 90 km/h. Their
outstanding ability to fly (12) and glide far better than any
other  (13) bird has led to them being named  (14)
'the prince of soaring birds'.
They eat (15) mainly on squid, fish, shrimp, and
other (16) creatures that are found near the surface (17)
of the sea. They also swoop under  (18) on scraps thrown overboard from ships.
Then (19) they will follow a ship for two (20) days.
Albatrosses will alight on the deep  (21) surface, but only when it is right(22).
They visit land in the breeding way (23) for a brief time. Adult birds go (24)
out at sea for two or twenty (25) three years.
Image source: T.Mattern, Department of Zoology, University of Otago

Record your answer here.

1Home x

15live x
2World x16other x
3Distances x17surface x

Ocean x18down x
5Around x19sometimes x
6On x20several x
7In x21ocean x
8 Flown x22calm x
9Kilometers< correct>23season x
10They x

24stay x
11Greater x
25even x
12soar x

13other x

14called x

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