Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers

Thursday was a great opportunity for us year sevens to go to Selwyn college to watch blood brothers. We had rides from Miss.G. I got a ride from Mr.Gleason. My other classmates got a ride from Mrs.Gleason. And two classmates of mine had a ride with Miss.G. We all raced to Selwyn College. But Miss.G unfortunately won. We went inside and waited, but while we were waiting, we were looking around and the PLACE was HUGE!. We waited for five minutes inside. But we went outside for fresh air and sat around a round table. We waited until someone came and called us to come inside. They showed us the bathrooms and where we will be sitting. So I leaded us to the seats.
Act one tells us about a Mrs.Johnstone already giving birth to four children. Her husband walks out on her. She was working for a couple named Mr and Mrs.Lyons. Mr and Mrs.Lyons couldn’t abort a child. But Mrs.Johnstone was having twins and she told Mrs.Lyons all about it.
Act Two was telling how Eddie and Mickey are now fourteen years old and they bump into each other again. But four years later Eddie leaves for university, but not before Eddie encourages Mickey to ask out Linda. During Eddie’s absence around the 1980’s, Mickey is made from redundant from his factory job. He soon discovers that Linda is pregnant, and they decide to get married. Eddie returns at Christmas ready to party and have fun with Mickey,Linda and himself.

I really enjoyed that theatre of the Blood Brothers. It captures my attention. I hope we could act it out somedays.

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