Thursday, March 21, 2013

Athletics Day

                                     Athletics Day

Athletics day was finally here.  
It was time for the big event of the day.  I walked into the classroom, got changed into my house colour and got ready for the event.  The bell rang. We had to all get into our houses.
My good friend Sione To’a walked past our Kea house a a little leprechaun. I was pouring my head out with laughter as he pretended to be a little girl and twirling his hair around all of us.

It was time for the obstacles to start. I started with the shot put event. That was my biggest challenge for the day. When it was my turn, I wish that I was Valerie Adams. My biggest fan in any shot put events. When I pushed the ball off my hand it went across the the flags and I made it. I was so proud of myself. Next we moved clockwise to Mrs.Pole she was in charge of the tabloids. When I did the obstacle I felt so tired when I came to the zig-zag cones. But I didn't stop because my house was cheering along.

Then we moved along to Mrs.Deeney who at the beanbag throw. I thought it was a silly game but it was quite interesting. It was fun because we got to run from one end to another.

Lastly, it was time for my relays. I found the relay easy because there were only Genevieve, Catherine and myself that was running. So that meant we were taking turns at who will come first, second and third. It was finally time to know who came fourth, third, second and first. Fourth place went to Kiwis. Third place went to Keas. Second place went to Tuis and First place went to Geckos. They were so happy and proud of themselves for trying so hard.

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