Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday
On the 13th of February we had an Ash Wednesday Mass. Ash Wednesday mass was so holy and full of people. I was nervous and shaking, but my confidence was boosting up as I started talking. I was the person who says the introduction. We celebrated Ash Wednesday with our new priest Fr.Ioane. He was awesome. His homily was talking about Almsgiving, Fasting and Prayer. When he was talking to us about almsgiving I thought about what should I do for almsgiving, so I thought I would help around in the house with anyone who needs help.

Second of all, he talked about Fasting and he said fasting is just not about giving up all the fats it also giving up what you mostly love. So I thought about that again and gave up watching television all the time. When it was time for distributing the ashes I went to father to get my ash on my forehead and he said “Be faithful to the gospel and turn away from sin”. I replied “Amen.”

When the mass ended, I accidentally rubbed of my ash on my forehead and I felt angry with myself. But then again, I felt happy in the end.

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