Friday, April 27, 2012

Maxine number group week 9 term 1

We are learning to solve addition problems to 100 by counting on in my head and show it on a number line.
1, 63 +  5 =68

2. 3 +  15 =18

3. 19 + 4 =23

4.       41 + 6 =46

5.     33 + 8 =  41

Week 1 Number Group

Learning Intention1.  We are learning to recall number combination that make 5

2.  We are learning to recall combinations that make ten

3  Solve simple addition (joining, change, or  comparing) problems to 100  by counting on in their heads in ones.
Task/ActivityN0. 1 & 2  -  Use counters and fingers.
                   card game - salute
                   dice game

No. 3    How do we work out these problems.

9 + 2 = †12                       8 + 4 = 12  

14 + 3 = †, 17                    25 + 4 = †, 29

99 + 5 = †,104                     77 + 4 = †, 81

8 + †  3        = 11,                     15 + †     4       = 19,

67 + †  5      = 72,                    89 + †      7      = 96

14 is how many more than 8? 6
33 is how many more than
27? 6
74 is how many more than
69? 5
Practise basic addition - complete all the yellow level.  Save a link to your blog.

IndicatorsCan you solve addition by counting on from the bigger number?

I can complete basic fact at stage 4 and 5
Teacher support
Student supportEvery Tuesday and Wednesday  morning for 15 minutes doing number knowledge
:-  grouping in 5s
-grouping in 10s - using counters
making 10 - using cards
before and after with number cards
Place value using sticks or blocks.

Learning Circle Template

PEOPLE IN THE GROUPSalamona, Maxine, A’leina, Zephaniah

Write four to six questions about what you have just read. These questions will be used for group discussion during the next reading session. Think about the question helpers in the box below.
Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
Details? Inferred? What if? Opinion?

Who was she studying?
What did they drive along on?
Where were they ?
When were they out on the countryside?
Why was it strange sitting next to dad?
How is Kauri timber solid right through?
What if?

Find four to six interesting, powerful or tricky words from today's reading. Write them below along with the page number. Use flags to mark those words. You will be asked to share those words during our next guided reading meeting.

velvety similar to the color velvet scanned
Selection Director
Pick the most interesting part to read to your group during our next guided reading meeting.

Page 21  last paragraph-I chose this paragraph because

Page 15 paragraph 3
Summary Director:
Write two to three paragraphs summarizing the chapter or today's reading. Use the chart that guides you through summarizing.
Lee and her father went to the countryside to get a house. The mother has left to Montana in USA for University exchange.

Lee had to help her fragile father. Her Uncle Matt invited them over for breakfast. Her and her father with her little cousin Joey to a trip on a boat.

About the blurb at the back of the book

About the blurb at the back of the book! Maxine-This is the book that I wanted to read-  Mayday by G BRASSIThese are a few books that she has wroteFour of them are..Attacked,Maday,Skull Island and Paperchase.I like reading this book because it’s like a mystery to be solved and It also looks like a adventure.I love reading stories about adventure and I am very interested in this book.I also love this author because she understands what she is reading and besides she has her own imagination.Maxine

Salamona-  Very exciting can’t wait to dig into another chapter.

A’leina -I felt like this book was going to be an mysterious book for me to read. That’s why I picked this book because it might be an interesting book to read.  I don’t know this author but I am going to learn more about G BRASSI. When I read this book  I wonder what would happen to their dad.
Attacked, Mayday, Skull Island, and Paperchase  have been included in the Storylines Children's Literature Notable NZ Books lists.

Discussion Director- Maxine Wild and Crazy Word Finder- Zephaniah Selection Director- A’leina Summary Director- Salamona

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Glen Innes Primary Worm Farm.

Worm Farm
At Glen Innes Primary.

“Walk Walk Walk”. It was a great timing for us Room 6 and 7 at Saint Pius X school to walk to Glen Innes Primary. We had to take a look at their worm farms. When we were walking I noticed the nature around me. I was imagining that we were earthworms and they were human. I was talking to Annabell. She is our teacher aid. We were talking about what was around us. When we got there we talked with their principal Mr.Nido.

After then we went and looked at their vegetables growing at the back. They had taro leaves growing also. We talked about the soil. How it is rich .

We had a great time at Glen Innes Primary. Then we took some beans with us and some worm tea. I hope we could walk there again and take some worm tea.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers
Thursday was a great opportunity for us year sevens to go to Selwyn college. We went to watch blood brothers. We had rides from Miss.G. I got a ride from Mr.Gleason. My other classmates got a ride from Mrs.Gleason. And two classmates of mine had a ride with Miss.G. We all raced to Selwyn College, but Miss.G unfortunately won. We went inside and waited, but while we were waiting, we were looking around and the PLACE was HUGE!. We waited for five minutes inside. But we went outside for fresh air and sat around a round table. We waited until someone came and called us to come inside. They showed us the bathrooms and where we will be sitting. So I leaded us to the seats.

Act one tells us about a Mrs.Johnstone already giving birth to four children. Her husband walks out on her. She was working for a couple named Mr and Mrs.Lyons. Mr and Mrs.Lyons couldn’t abort a child. But Mrs.Johnstone was having twins and she told Mrs.Lyons all about it.

Act Two was telling how Eddie and Mickey are now fourteen years old and they bump into each other again. But four years later Eddie leaves for university, but not before Eddie encourages Mickey to ask out Linda. During Eddie’s absence around the 1980’s, Mickey is made from redundant from his factory job. He soon discovers that Linda is pregnant, and they decide to get married. Eddie returns at Christmas ready to party  and have fun with Mickey,Linda and himself.

I really enjoyed that theatre of the Blood Brothers. It captures my attention. I hope we could act it out somedays.