Friday, February 24, 2012

What is prayer?

A time to ask God to bless/forgive...etc A time to thank God A time to ask God to help those who are in need. A time to ask God for help from him. A time to communicate with God. Quiet/peaceful time with God Time of contemplation Time of celebration Relating to God Reflection time Types of Prayer Traditional prayer/Hail Mary/Our Father/Glory Be. Rosary Mass Singing Spontaneous Prayer Imaginative prayer Meditation Believing Prayer Feelings Prayer Friday 17Th February,2012. Faith, Trust, Courage, Jesus, Not be afraid, “Believe. Jesus,you know what lies ahead this term. Help me, save me from all times. And help me and my family as Catholic people of our holy church. Lord Hear us please. Amen.


What do you know about Statistic? Graphs. Pie Graph , Line Graph, Dot Graph, Bar Graph, - WHY - TO DISPLAY DATA. Survey.Answering questions. Investigate. investigating problems like rubbish and food waste. Issues. Kind of issues we handle. Axis.To make kind of graphs.For example-Vertical-At a right angle to a flat surface.Directed or moving up straight right up right.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Playing Tennis!

“Yeah we got tennis today. I heard that we were the first class to play. So we quickly lined up and walked to the court talking about tennis.I was surprised because I thought he was a tennis player we know so he could be teaching us but my thinking was a failure because it wasn’t. He was a mystery guy we had to know and you know what he will be a good instructor of course.He was a tall man but taller then Mrs.Tui.His name was Marcell.But when I heard his name I was thinking about it.Where does his name come from?Scotland?British?Ireland?.Well I don’t know. During our amazing time of tennis,he told us to hit the ball on the net,on the side,on the net,on the side.He was so amazing at doing side ways.The next set of instructions is trying to balance the ball on the net.He blew his whistle but we didn’t know what to do until he said”Hug the tennis racket and hold the ball.”So I did what we were ask to do.When all of that was finish we played a game called King of the court.But that sounded kind of exciting for me.I did give it a try but it was hard for me to keep the ball bouncing to the King of the court.We had four winners that won the game. Until it was 9:45,it was time to finish because our time was finished with him. Thank you Marcell we said to him.I was thinking to myself saying,”I can’t wait for next time!!!!