Friday, September 7, 2012

My Grandma

Description- My Grandma is my only treasure. She guides her grandchildren even though she is blind. I was the last grandchild she could ever see. But my grandma loves us even though she can’t see us. My grandma is my best friend. When she is with all of us at home she wants us to be called in to a family meeting. She is a person that’s loving, like when we do something wrong she won’t get angry she will just say don’t worry it will be alright. She takes everything slowly. She is a woman that works so hard for us that she won’t even relax. She talks slowly, eats slowly, play slowly and she even helps me slowly. I miss her so much that she is in Tonga living with my aunty. We call her sometimes and we can hear her crying but she admits that she wants to come back but we always tell her that she will have a better life there. I miss her so much that I could melt to tears. I love her so much. I will miss her.

Prayer- God our creator,
always help my grandma and help me always to make the right choices. Help her in Tonga. Amen.

Poem -A grandma is someone who spoils you
and takes care of you when mama's not near.
She's always happy to see you
and brings plenty of hugs and kisses to share.
Helps you when your down.
Catches you when you fall.
She'll brighten up you day,
even on the stormiest night.
She'll tuck you in and read you a book,
till yours eyes grow heavy and tired.
but soon enough you'll see her again,
with bright eyes and smiles.

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