Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Poem about Pope Pius X

Poem about Pope Pius. (Giuseppe)
Humble,Holy,Friendly, Helpful,
He has 9 siblings including himself. 1.Giuseppe Sarto, 2. Angelo Sarto, 3.Teresa Parolin-Sarto, 4.Rosa Sarto, 5.Antonia Dei Bei-Sarto, 6.Maria Sarto, 7.Lucia Boschin-Sarto, 8.Anna Sarto, 9.Pietro He likes to care for children,
He feels happy when he prays to God,
He needs family and friends by his side,
He gives Happiness to others,
He had fear in wolves,
He would like to see People sharing with others,
He was born in Riese Italy.

His last name is Pius.

Friday, August 17, 2012


In Maths this week I have been learning how to put unit fractions in order from smallest to biggest.
Example-  A red wizard drank one quarter of a jug of magic juice. A blue wizard drank one fifth of a jug of the same juice. Which wizard drank the most? 
Answer- Red wizard drank the most. I know my answer is correct because the bigger the denominator  gets the smaller the fraction sizes get.