Friday, June 22, 2012

My Recount Writing

There was a girl who was wondering around the woods. Her name was
Annabelle. She was a wonderful girl. It all started when she was five years old. Her parents were taken away from her so she grew up in the streets and she was taken to prison.  After five years in jail, she was released from prison because a friend of her dad’s helped her and her dad’s friend gave her a safety box which her dad would write to her and left a picture that lead her to the people that ruined him and his family.

Three years later a house was on for sale. She looked around and realized that it was her father’s house so she bought it. There was a lady living next to her and her name was Samantha she was Annabell’s mum but Annabelle doesn’t know her ever since she was little but she remarried and  had a husband named Jake. Four years passed and it was Annabelle’s mum and dad’s anniversary. She went to the place where her mother and father was buried and celebrated with her dad. She spent one hour with her mum and dad.

She arrived home and she didn’t know that Samantha was watching her from the other side. When she walked inside she closed the door but someone blocked it with their feet she looked and it was man wearing a mask and she never knew who was hiding under the mask. He was pointing a gun at her. She stepped back to her draw where she keeps her guns she looked inside nothing was inside so that meant that the man was already been inside. Until the man grabbed her by the neck and pointed the gun at her brain.She was scared and nervous. She was working out what she could do in a situation like this. The man unmasked himself. He was wearing a black shirt, black pants, black gloves and he had orange hair like the sunset.

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