Friday, June 22, 2012

My Narrative about my Power cut off.

Orientation-I was at home by myself. I was doing my homework
Complication-Power is cut off.
Resolution- Torch/Candle. I am worried,hoping mum would come back now.
Conclusion-Mum was home and I was glad, I went and hugged her.

Orientation- I was alone at home waiting for mum. I was spending time on my homework. I could hear frogs croaking, owls hooting.

Complication- Suddenly the power was cut off. I was in shock because it was so dark.  I used my hands to lead me to where I was going. But suddenly I hear someone knocking. I didn’t know my way to the door because of the darkness. It knocked for the second time but I still couldn’t know where my hands are taking me.

Resolution- Suddenly I heard a  key opened the door. I heard someone call out my name “Jack, Jack, Jack are you awake?” She said. I said “yes I am.” I called back. “Our power is cut off”. I yelled.

Conclusion- So my hands led me to her and I said “Thank you mum”.

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