Friday, May 11, 2012

A Girl Named Annabelle

A Story About A Girl.

In a time, when everything you have, it is taken away from you the next day.
There was a girl who was wondering around the woods. Her name was Annabelle. She was a wonderful girl. It all started when she was five years old. Her parents were taken away from her so she grew up in the streets and she was taken to prison.

After five years in jail, she was released from prison because her dad’s friend helped her and her dad’s friend gave her a box which her dad would write to her and left a picture that lead her to the people that ruined his life.

Three years later her dad’s house was for sale and then she realized that it was her father’s house so she bought it. There was a lady living next to her and her name was Samantha she was Annabell’s mum but Annabelle doesn’t know her but she had a husband named  Jake.

At the end she killed all the people who ruined her dad’s life accept her mum and step sister because she accepted them to come back into her life again and started over again.

The End!!!!

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