Friday, May 11, 2012


Week 5:-
Learning Focus:-   
Prefix: - un means not
Task:  find as many words you can that has un infront of it.
          Example - unhappy

  • Unassuming-assuming
  • Unavoidable-avoidable
  • Unbearable-bearable
  • Unbelievable-believable
  • Uncanny-canny
  • Uncertain-certain
  • Unpleasant-pleasant
  • Unkind-Kind
Verb - action word,
Adverb - describe the action verb.
ly -  is a suffix you add to a word to make it an adverb.
Example - Angelica sings beautifully at mass. - How did Angelica sing - beautifully

Task:  -  add adverbs to these verbs and put them into sentences.
talk, run, walk, look, crawl
I talk to Salamona
I run as fast as I could.
I always walk around the Panmure Basin two times.
I look around sometimes.
I asked my little baby cousin to crawl to me.
Noun:  name of things.
Adjectives:   words used to describe the noun
Example:  Sione is a lazy boy  -  lazy is an adjective,  boy is the noun.
            What kind of boy is Sione? - Lazy boy
Salamona is always in to working on the netbook.
Siliva and Daniel are best friends with Catherine.
Mrs.Tui always dresses beautiful work.
Task: -

Mrs.Tui is a teacher that teaches children.
Is-Verb (Supporting Verb)

We are learning to identify the part of speech in a sentence.

Genevieve is a lazy girl.
Genevieve -- subject
is -   verb ( supporting verb)
a, the  -  article
lazy - adjective
girl - noun.

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