Friday, May 11, 2012

About The Blub at the back of the book

About the blurb at the back of the book!
Maxine-This is the book that I wanted to read-  Mayday by G BRASSI
These are a few books that she has wrote
Four of them are..
Attacked,Maday,Skull Island and Paperchase.
I like reading this book because it’s like a mystery to be solved and It also looks like a adventure.
I love reading stories about adventure and I am very interested in this book.
I also love this author because she understands what she is reading and besides she has her own imagination.
Salamona-  Very exciting can’t wait to dig into another chapter.
A’leina -I felt like this book was going to be an mysterious book for me to read. That’s why I picked this book because it might be an interesting book to read.  I don’t know this author but I am going to learn more about G BRASSI. When I read this book  I wonder what would happen to dad.

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