Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Glen Innes Primary Worm Farm.

Worm Farm
At Glen Innes Primary.

“Walk Walk Walk”. It was a great timing for us Room 6 and 7 at Saint Pius X school to walk to Glen Innes Primary. We had to take a look at their worm farms. When we were walking I noticed the nature around me. I was imagining that we were earthworms and they were human. I was talking to Annabell. She is our teacher aid. We were talking about what was around us. When we got there we talked with their principal Mr.Nido.

After then we went and looked at their vegetables growing at the back. They had taro leaves growing also. We talked about the soil. How it is rich .

We had a great time at Glen Innes Primary. Then we took some beans with us and some worm tea. I hope we could walk there again and take some worm tea.

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