Friday, March 9, 2012

Opening Mass for 2012

Last Friday it was the opening mass for Saint Pius X school 2012.We all gathered the children in the church.There were lots of people and parents. It was a special day for us children and the staff and including our own Principal Mr.Coakley. When Father Iosefa, started the mass, Dorothy went up to read the collect prayer.

During the mass, the people who were reading the prayers of the faithful, went up and did there part and we had the holy communion people and the people who wanted to blessed went up together with parents in line.

After the mass, the teachers went up to be blessed together with Mr.Coakley, Huni and Halamehi. But before that Father Iosefa read out a name called Soane Moa’tane so he came up and then we sang happy birthday to him in English, Samoan and Tongan.It  was a Great start for the term.

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