Friday, November 30, 2012

Piha Camp 2012

Piha Camp
Fist Pump

"Piha Camp!!!" shouted the teachers. At Camp we had a lovely time there. On Thursday we went to see Kite Kite Falls. It was such a beautiful view to see. When we all jumped in I frozen to death even Sione Dale. When we got back to the mill I went for a warm shower that was so burning my skin. We also had a bush Trail. We had to follow the rope in the dark.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Poem about Nutritions

Nutrition gives you a healthy body
Us, me, and also you.
The amount of this you have can
Really affect the things you do.
If you have nutrition
then your health will be in shape. 
If you lack this then you're
On being near to overweight
Nutrition can impact your lives.

Monday, October 29, 2012

French Project

French word in English
Je suis neuf bonbons
Je suis quatre crayon
Je suis huit Croisante
Je suis zero baguette

I have nine lollies
I have four pencils
I have nine croissants
I have zero bauguette

My Reflection about Testing Week

Testing week was really challenging for me as a year 7. Reading and star test was like the easiest thing I could do. But Maths and Writing I struggled. But in Maths I got a 3A. I was so shocked and proud of myself because now I am happy with where I am.

Monday, October 15, 2012

French Week 1

This week in French I learnt how to greet someone to a place
"Bienvenue, J'emapelle' Maxine.
And we also did some activities using lots of different French languages like counting from Zero to ten.
Numbers in French.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Directions of N.E.W.S

Directions of N.E.W.S
By Maxine.

  1. I am facing north. I make a one quarter anti-clockwise turn to the right. Where am I facing now?
  2. I am facing South. I make a one quarter clockwise turn to the left. Where am I facing now?
  3. I am facing East. I make a half clockwise turn to the left. Where am I facing now?
  4. I am facing North. I make a full anti-clockwise turn the right. Where am I facing now?
  5. I am facing West. I make a two quarter anti-clockwise to the right. Where am I facing now?
  6. I am facing South. I make a three quarter clockwise turn to the left.

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Grandma

Description- My Grandma is my only treasure. She guides her grandchildren even though she is blind. I was the last grandchild she could ever see. But my grandma loves us even though she can’t see us. My grandma is my best friend. When she is with all of us at home she wants us to be called in to a family meeting. She is a person that’s loving, like when we do something wrong she won’t get angry she will just say don’t worry it will be alright. She takes everything slowly. She is a woman that works so hard for us that she won’t even relax. She talks slowly, eats slowly, play slowly and she even helps me slowly. I miss her so much that she is in Tonga living with my aunty. We call her sometimes and we can hear her crying but she admits that she wants to come back but we always tell her that she will have a better life there. I miss her so much that I could melt to tears. I love her so much. I will miss her.

Prayer- God our creator,
always help my grandma and help me always to make the right choices. Help her in Tonga. Amen.

Poem -A grandma is someone who spoils you
and takes care of you when mama's not near.
She's always happy to see you
and brings plenty of hugs and kisses to share.
Helps you when your down.
Catches you when you fall.
She'll brighten up you day,
even on the stormiest night.
She'll tuck you in and read you a book,
till yours eyes grow heavy and tired.
but soon enough you'll see her again,
with bright eyes and smiles.

Term Three Report about Taekwondo

29th of August

Introduction- Taekwondo is a martial art which was made by korean people. It is a place where you learn stunts like kicking, punching, snap  kicks, flicky kicky high kick, turning kicks, high punch block and all sorts of other things.

There are five tenance of Taekwondo. They are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit. We also have to respect the instructors and seniors. Taekwondo is also meant for self defense. There are two sorts of Taekwondo. The first one is called “Traditional Taekwondo”. It was mentioned to the martial arts as it was made in the 1950’s and 1960’s in south Korea. In particular the names and symbols of the traditional patterns refer to Korean History.

The second one is called “Sport Taekwondo”. It has developed decades since 1950’s and may have a somewhat different focus.  

Taekwondo kids also have a Acrostic Poem.
A- is for attention. Taekwondo kids learn to pay attention.
B- is for Behaviour. They also need good

C- is for Confident. Kids training in Taekwondo also become confident in showing their talents.
D- is for Discipline. They need self discipline and to do as their told.
E- is for Energy. Kids use their energy for running around and for their

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Poem about Pope Pius X

Poem about Pope Pius. (Giuseppe)
Humble,Holy,Friendly, Helpful,
He has 9 siblings including himself. 1.Giuseppe Sarto, 2. Angelo Sarto, 3.Teresa Parolin-Sarto, 4.Rosa Sarto, 5.Antonia Dei Bei-Sarto, 6.Maria Sarto, 7.Lucia Boschin-Sarto, 8.Anna Sarto, 9.Pietro He likes to care for children,
He feels happy when he prays to God,
He needs family and friends by his side,
He gives Happiness to others,
He had fear in wolves,
He would like to see People sharing with others,
He was born in Riese Italy.

His last name is Pius.

Friday, August 17, 2012


In Maths this week I have been learning how to put unit fractions in order from smallest to biggest.
Example-  A red wizard drank one quarter of a jug of magic juice. A blue wizard drank one fifth of a jug of the same juice. Which wizard drank the most? 
Answer- Red wizard drank the most. I know my answer is correct because the bigger the denominator  gets the smaller the fraction sizes get. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

French Week 1

This week in French we are learning how to greet each other in French. This is a conversation in English were two people are greeting each other and translated it into French.  
Roller: Hello Mimi
Mimi: Hello Roller
Roller: How are you?
Mimi: I’m ok, how are you?
Roller: I’m good.

Roller: Bonjour Mimi,
Mimi: Bonjour Roller,
Roller: Ca va?
Mimi: Comme ci comme ca Ca va?
Roller:  Ca va bien

Monday, July 23, 2012

Term 3 Goals from St Pius X on Vimeo.

My Awesome Holidays

On the first day of the holidays it was so cool. We went swimming. There was splashing everywhere at the pools. Suddenly I saw Mr.Hooker at the pools and I said “Hello” to him. He couldn’t see me clearly because he had his glasses off. I did not know that he worked as a instructor. He was with a friend. His name was Jason.

After I moved to the cold pool,  When I came back home I was so exhausted from swimming. So I went straight to bed and slept the whole afternoon until night.  

In the morning we woke up. We were late for my brothers appointment and my mums. So it was cancelled and we stayed home. My brother and I went into my room and watched t.v and we fell asleep. My brother fell asleep on the couch and I on the big bed. I heard a loud noise in the lounge when I was about to go to  sleep.
I went to check in the lounge and it was my dad snoring loudly s2on the couch and I saw my mum on the computer. So I went back to sleep.

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Recount Writing

There was a girl who was wondering around the woods. Her name was
Annabelle. She was a wonderful girl. It all started when she was five years old. Her parents were taken away from her so she grew up in the streets and she was taken to prison.  After five years in jail, she was released from prison because a friend of her dad’s helped her and her dad’s friend gave her a safety box which her dad would write to her and left a picture that lead her to the people that ruined him and his family.

Three years later a house was on for sale. She looked around and realized that it was her father’s house so she bought it. There was a lady living next to her and her name was Samantha she was Annabell’s mum but Annabelle doesn’t know her ever since she was little but she remarried and  had a husband named Jake. Four years passed and it was Annabelle’s mum and dad’s anniversary. She went to the place where her mother and father was buried and celebrated with her dad. She spent one hour with her mum and dad.

She arrived home and she didn’t know that Samantha was watching her from the other side. When she walked inside she closed the door but someone blocked it with their feet she looked and it was man wearing a mask and she never knew who was hiding under the mask. He was pointing a gun at her. She stepped back to her draw where she keeps her guns she looked inside nothing was inside so that meant that the man was already been inside. Until the man grabbed her by the neck and pointed the gun at her brain.She was scared and nervous. She was working out what she could do in a situation like this. The man unmasked himself. He was wearing a black shirt, black pants, black gloves and he had orange hair like the sunset.

My Narrative about my Power cut off.

Orientation-I was at home by myself. I was doing my homework
Complication-Power is cut off.
Resolution- Torch/Candle. I am worried,hoping mum would come back now.
Conclusion-Mum was home and I was glad, I went and hugged her.

Orientation- I was alone at home waiting for mum. I was spending time on my homework. I could hear frogs croaking, owls hooting.

Complication- Suddenly the power was cut off. I was in shock because it was so dark.  I used my hands to lead me to where I was going. But suddenly I hear someone knocking. I didn’t know my way to the door because of the darkness. It knocked for the second time but I still couldn’t know where my hands are taking me.

Resolution- Suddenly I heard a  key opened the door. I heard someone call out my name “Jack, Jack, Jack are you awake?” She said. I said “yes I am.” I called back. “Our power is cut off”. I yelled.

Conclusion- So my hands led me to her and I said “Thank you mum”.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Maths Week Five.

This week in maths this is what i have been doing with magic squares.




Friday, May 11, 2012

Faith is our virtue!

  • Believe.
  • Trust.
  • Love.
  • Courage
  • being faithful to others.
  • deciding to do good choices.
  • Joyful to people closer to you.
  • pray at all times with god and have faith.
  • Confidence
  • it is a Feeling
  • Belief
  • Moving on with God
  • Importance of knowing God.
  • Trust in a person or thing.
  • Believe in God or the teaching of religions.
  • A system of of religious belief.
  • Knowing the truth.
  • A great word to know.
  • People have good Faith in their selves.
  • Steadfast.
  • Born again.
  • Faith is healing.
  • Divine healing.
  • Feeling like your born again.
  • Strong or unshakable belief in something.
  • a specific system of believing in something.
  • Something relating to God.
  • Devine Mercy.

Definition of faith

The foregoing analyses will enable us to define an act of Divine supernatural faith as "the act of the intellect assenting to a Divine truth owing to the movement of the will, which is itself moved by the grace of God" (St. Thomas, II-II, Q. iv, a. 2). And just as the light of faith is a gift supernaturally bestowed upon the understanding, so also this Divine grace moving the will is, as its name implies, an equally supernatural and an absolutely gratuitous gift. Neither gift is due to previous study neither of them can be acquired by human efforts, but "Ask and ye shall receive."

The: habit of faith and the life of faith

a) We have defined the act of faith as the assent of the intellect to a truth which is beyond its comprehension, but which it accepts under the influence of the will moved by grace and from the analysis we are now in a position to define the virtue of faith as a supernatural habit by which we firmly believe those things to be true which God has revealed. Now every virtue is the perfection of some faculty, but faith results from the combined action of two faculties, viz., the intellect which elicits the ae in act, and the will which moves the intellect to do so; consequently, the perfection of faith will depend upon the perfection with which each of these faculties performs its allotted task; the intellect must assent unhesitatingly, the will must promptly and readily move it to do so.lief

We are learning about FAITH. We made up an assembly about faith.Faith is what in your everyday prayer.


Week 5:-
Learning Focus:-   
Prefix: - un means not
Task:  find as many words you can that has un infront of it.
          Example - unhappy

  • Unassuming-assuming
  • Unavoidable-avoidable
  • Unbearable-bearable
  • Unbelievable-believable
  • Uncanny-canny
  • Uncertain-certain
  • Unpleasant-pleasant
  • Unkind-Kind
Verb - action word,
Adverb - describe the action verb.
ly -  is a suffix you add to a word to make it an adverb.
Example - Angelica sings beautifully at mass. - How did Angelica sing - beautifully

Task:  -  add adverbs to these verbs and put them into sentences.
talk, run, walk, look, crawl
I talk to Salamona
I run as fast as I could.
I always walk around the Panmure Basin two times.
I look around sometimes.
I asked my little baby cousin to crawl to me.
Noun:  name of things.
Adjectives:   words used to describe the noun
Example:  Sione is a lazy boy  -  lazy is an adjective,  boy is the noun.
            What kind of boy is Sione? - Lazy boy
Salamona is always in to working on the netbook.
Siliva and Daniel are best friends with Catherine.
Mrs.Tui always dresses beautiful work.
Task: -

Mrs.Tui is a teacher that teaches children.
Is-Verb (Supporting Verb)

We are learning to identify the part of speech in a sentence.

Genevieve is a lazy girl.
Genevieve -- subject
is -   verb ( supporting verb)
a, the  -  article
lazy - adjective
girl - noun.

DIG DIG DIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“WHAT?” I said.”We are going to dig for worms?”I included.Mrs Tui said we are digging for worms.”But why?” I said.So I stomped outside like the feet of a giant walking down the road in the wind.But I felt like I was going to sneak back inside because of the WORMS!!!.”Stop Phoenix stop touching let go of the shovel.”I told him.”NO”.He says to me.We went to find a shady area for us to dig away into space.So Room Seven and I were digging away.

“Come down to this end Lavinia!.” Says Salamona.So we followed Lavinia like little ants following the leader.We barged in between a group.”Sorry”.I say.We continued to dig,dig,dig but still no more worms.Are you kidding me!?.The ground was dried like a solid rock we can’t lift up.But Catherine came in like a strong woman and digged away.

After that little space we digged on,we kept on moving which was not really  cool at the moment.Suddenly I turned around, I saw Genevieve with a water bucket.I yelled out “Genevieve,Genevieve,Genevieve over here bring that whole bucket of water here”.So she ran over to my group like she’s been caught from a thunder storm. She tipped it in while I was starring at nothing.It was my turn at least to dig so I digged and digged but nothing was there but the problem was that big ROOTS were in the way.But the excitement was... I FOUND A WORM!!.At least we found TWO worms.How cool was that?.But the problem was that we caught one long earth worm with blood.And one was okay because it was short.

After a tiring experience,I think it was pretty cool finding earth worms.We ran like the wind back to class and got on with our learning.So rain come and make the earth worms grow.DIG,DIG,DIG,DIG,DIG,all day long.

Maxine Vaihu - Year 7

Questions by Petelo and Maxine.