Friday, June 3, 2011

My Family Roles, Rules and Traditions.

The bossy one is my brother because he gets to choose if he can say the rosary or not.
The bosses of the house are my Mum and Dad.
The boss of the dishes is me all the time because I have to tell my brother or my dad to do it.
My mum is in charge of taking me to my netball games or netball trainings.
My dad is in charge of the cooking because he is the chef of our house.
My mum is so loving, she takes care of us.
My brother is a peacemaker sometimes.
I am the babysitter sometimes.
My dad is in charge of paying the electricity.

Our Family Rules.
1. No running around the house.
2. Be in the house for family meeting ONLY ON Sundays.
3. When my mum or anyone is on the phone BE QUIET.

Family Traditions.
We have to say the rosary every night before we go to bed.

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