Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mary Mikillop Show

Today we had a show called Mary Mikillop. We had two people acting it. One came from Christchurch and one came from New Town. There names were Julia who was a women and Scott who was a man. Now Julia done the introduction and pretended to be Mary Mikillop and Scott pretended to be Donald, Father, Dad and Kelly Kelly. It started when Mary Mikillop and Kelly Kelly were playing in a billy cart. Kelly Kelly, pushed Julia in the billy cart very fast and she fell into the buckets, she was laughing and got out. Scott who was playing Kelly Kelly was selling little boxes of matches and going around in a circle saying “matches matches.” and then Mary Mikillop said i’ve got a penny that i can buy matches with and he said “oh oh oh you want to buy some matches” then, Mary Mikillop said “well this is my only penny left and it is for the kids in the orphanage. I really enjoyed it.

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