Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mary Mikillop Show

Today we had a show called Mary Mikillop. We had two people acting it. One came from Christchurch and one came from New Town. There names were Julia who was a women and Scott who was a man. Now Julia done the introduction and pretended to be Mary Mikillop and Scott pretended to be Donald, Father, Dad and Kelly Kelly. It started when Mary Mikillop and Kelly Kelly were playing in a billy cart. Kelly Kelly, pushed Julia in the billy cart very fast and she fell into the buckets, she was laughing and got out. Scott who was playing Kelly Kelly was selling little boxes of matches and going around in a circle saying “matches matches.” and then Mary Mikillop said i’ve got a penny that i can buy matches with and he said “oh oh oh you want to buy some matches” then, Mary Mikillop said “well this is my only penny left and it is for the kids in the orphanage. I really enjoyed it.
There can be no doubt that my learning time
has been improved when interactive computer maths included in the lesson. We often use TUTPUP and MATH MAGICAN and i am getting good at it. On TUTPUP it is a maths game and it is kind of a fast game there’s maths, algebra, maths mix, times table. The maths is a decision of adding, subtracting, multiplication, divide.
After you have chose out of those three you choose what level like easy peasy, simple pimple, lickety split, okey dokey, uh oh, smarty pants,boffin box, area 51.Now let me explain to you about MATH MAGICAN. Now math magican is exactly the same as TUTPUP.

Monday, June 27, 2011


WOW Kites!!
"Oh no we can't flyour kites outside now". On Monday it was a rainy day. People from Matariki came to teach us how to make KITES!!!!!!!. There was a lady who spoke to us her name was Elle. She said “she is from the Auckland Council and she takes care of preparing stuff like Matariki stuff.” The classes that were there were rooms 3, 4, 5, and 6.

After she asked what class were here, she showed us some flags. Some flags were as big as the house i live in and then she told us that when it is a special occasion, they make flags that are bigger than the hall. Next she showed us how to make a kite. Then she invited a room 3 girl to stand up so she had to fly the kite to the other side of the hall so Sammy ran and started it was flying when she was running. Elle told room 3 to stand up and hold hands in a circle and then sit down so she told the rest of the classes to do the same thing as well.

After that Genevieve and me had to give out the paper to the room 6 people and then two boys from room 6 gave out two sticks to each room 6 person. Next thing was that we had make our kites and decorate them. Following that we had to stand in a square and Elle had to call out a class to fly there kites across the room and we had to leave because it was only a hour session so they had to leave. They had to fly away.

So if you want to learn how to make it here are what you need and here is how you make it.
What you need:(Materials)
1. Piece of paper (shaped like a diamond).
2. One piece of strings.
3. Two sharp sticks.
Here are the steps(the method /process).
1. Flat the piece of paper in front of you.
2. Hold the two sticks in front of you and put them on the lines on your piece of paper to cover the black lines on the sides.
3. Now you need to place the end of one string on the diamond corner and the other on the other side of diamond corner.
4. After all those steps this is the final step the Matariki people come around and ask you if you want a knot on your finger or your wrist.

So there you have it and that was the end of our session.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am a model

I am cute and beautiful.
I wonder if i can fly.
I hear an bee buzzing.
I see a frog on my nose.
I want a bike for Christmas.
I am cute and beautiful.

I pretend I have a limo.
I feel like I am floating on water.
I touch an imaginary rainbow.
I worry about my parents.
I cry about something sad.
I am cute and beautiful.

I understand that children are always angry with their parents.
I say that we should sit next to our friends.
I dream about my family.
I try to make the right choices.
I hope my mum and brother gets healed.
I am cute and beautiful.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

M is for the million things she did for me.
O is for opening the door if she knocks on the door.
T is for the tears that runs down her eyes.
H is for the happiness she has inside her.
E is for the eagles who are her favourite.
R is for the rabbits that she thinks they are cute.
S is for snakes she hates.

D is for days she likes.
A is for crunchy apples she likes.
Y is for yachts she likes.

Thank you mum for looking after me all the time when i need you I love you!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Litter in the World.

There is no doubt that no one should litter in the world. If we continue then most places in India is polluted. It is obvious if we litter we make the world dirty. Imagine if we littered, we would pick up all the rubbish in the World. At the end of the day people think about littering.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My holiday

Sunday 28 March 2011

9.00 am On a Sunday morning I was so lazy I did not feel like getting up for church and getting ready. My mum said “get up” but I did not want to get up because my eyes were hurting. I did not want to wake up and open my eyes. My brother came in and saw me still lying down so he decided to play a trick on me so I would get up and get ready. He put some water in a bucket and tipped it on my head and said “WAKE UP!”. So I said “I am going tell mum you, pouring water on the chair and you poured it while I was still asleep, that is bad manners, you wet me”. Then he said “alright don`t tell on me”, But I did!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Family Roles, Rules and Traditions.

The bossy one is my brother because he gets to choose if he can say the rosary or not.
The bosses of the house are my Mum and Dad.
The boss of the dishes is me all the time because I have to tell my brother or my dad to do it.
My mum is in charge of taking me to my netball games or netball trainings.
My dad is in charge of the cooking because he is the chef of our house.
My mum is so loving, she takes care of us.
My brother is a peacemaker sometimes.
I am the babysitter sometimes.
My dad is in charge of paying the electricity.

Our Family Rules.
1. No running around the house.
2. Be in the house for family meeting ONLY ON Sundays.
3. When my mum or anyone is on the phone BE QUIET.

Family Traditions.
We have to say the rosary every night before we go to bed.