Thursday, March 31, 2011

Athletics Practise

Did you know we had an athletic on a Friday afternoon? 
Well it took a long time to prepare because people were talking and holding us UP! but here comes the FUN! 
We had to hold the Baton when we ran. We had to run with it around the cones in front of us and run to the back of us and go around it again and give it to the next person.
Next, we had to sit down. I was in group six together with Elizabeth, Anastasia, Dorothy, Desiree and me. We had to listen to Miss Oldfield's instructions. When she said "GO!" Elizabeth our leader ran as fast as she could and then when she finished her running, she past the baton to Dorothy who did the same thing to.
After we all had our run, we sat down and we were the first group to sit down and we won the first round.
After, we had to stand up and do it again because Miss Oldfield told us to, BUT the thing we forgot to do was when we are going to pass to the person that's running we had to give it to the person that's going to run.
After we all had a trial we stopped what we were doing and went back to class. Room5 was the first to leave to go back to class and then room7 had to go and line up and petrol people had to go. Finally room6 was the last one to leave the field but we didn't go back in the classroom because Miss Oldfield was supposed to go down to the people that were on petrol's and that was the end of the DAY!

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