Friday, April 1, 2011

The Athletics Event

Excited children gathered in front of the classroom waving banners and flags, chanting and wearing coloured clothes blue, red, yellow and green. Why were things different to a regular school day? 
Such a special day for athletics on March 18, 2011.
Mr.Coakley stood up and said a few words before we started our athletics, each group of athletes were sitting in their school houses, KEAS, TUIS, KIWIS and the last group was GEKOS. After Mr.Coakley said his words the children cheered and Mrs Pole stood up and said “This race is for the five year old girls and boys only, line up behind the house leader who is going to take you to where Mr Gaffney is waiting.” Mr Gaffney said “five year old girls line up in your own track and get ready to run”. When Mr.Gaffney stood with the blocks in his hands and standing behind the starters table where he officially stands before the start of each race with red and green flags. He said “on your marks get set” but something was strange around the track Mr Gaffney didn’t say 'go' he hit the blocks together and then the athletes took off running so fast down their lanes and I said to myself “why didn’t Mr. Gathney say go?” but something hit my head and then I said to myself again “Oh I know the problem they only say “GO” when it’s a running practice but when it’s the day of the event or occasions they hit the two bricks together and then they “RUN”! 
I missed out on looking at Claudia’s run which she came first all the time on her runs both at practice and in the real event, I was distracted by someone. I should be proud of her when she's little and besides she won for our house and we are all proud of her like me because she earned points for our school house when she wins every single run.
When the juniors races had finished it was time for the seniors to run their races over longer distances than the juniors even a 800 meter race which took them around the track twice.
When it was the ten years old race I had to line up with Catherine and Julia along with others. When we went to the race track I was so nervous and scared to race against Robertana who is in Gekos and we knew that she was hard to beat because she was very fast. When Mr Gaffney said on your marks get set go. I ran as fast as I could but Robertana was leading, even Cathrine could not catch her. She is also very hard to beat like Robertana.
Well the day continued with more racing including relays and novelty races and finally it was the cheering competition. I think Gecko’s won this as well as many of the races. Yes Gecko’s won the house competition again. 
Well I really enjoyed the day and I think I may start my practise earlier next year.

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